Dental Cosmetics

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Dental Cosmetics


This procedure is put a covering all around the tooth. This is necessary in cases when the tooth has a fracture, is broke down, or the fillings became too big and the patient wants to prevent a fracture. Timeframe to complete 1 week.
There are several types of crowns:

  • Metal fused to Porcelain
  • Full Gold Crown
  • Full Porcelain Crown (conventional and Emax Press Porcelain)
  • Zirconium Crown


This procedure can be made in 2 different ways:
1. Laser Whitening: This procedure is basically put the whitening gel on the tooth with the laser light and then repeat this 3 times. This will take 1 and a half     hours to be completed.
2. The home whitening: This procedure will be do a pair of impressions, upper and lower, also this will be sent to the laboratory to do 2 trays, this trays the        patient will use it with gel at home all nights.
    Both procedures includes a complementary cleaning.


A veneer is a porcelain covering for the tooth to make it appear nicer, whiter, improve the shape. There are 3 types: Conventional Porcelain Veneers, Press Porcelain Veneers (Emax®) and Lumineers®. Timeframe to complete 1 week.