Jehova Rafa Medical Center Costa Rica
Dra. Adriana Sanchez

Dra. Adriana Sanchez

General Dentistry

  • Graduate at Universidad de Costa Rica


Dr. Esteban Ulate

Root Canal Specialist

  • Graduated at Universidad de Costa Rica in 2004
  • Top 10 in his class
  • Master Degree in Endodontics at Universidad Pontificia Javeriana, Colombia
  • 4 years of experience in root canal therapy and apical surgery

Dr Jorge Saenz

Dr. Jorge Saenz Bonilla

Periodontist Specialist

  • Graduate at Universidad de Chile
  • A lot of experience in periodontics procedures.

Dra. Lai Chan

Dra. Lai Chan

Orthodontist Specialist

  • Graduated in Universidad de Costa Rica 2005
  • Major in Orthodontics, Veritas University. Costa Rica 2010-2012


Dr. Albert Calvo

Dr. Albert Calvo

Implant Dentist

  • Graduated in Universidad de Costa Rica 2005
  • More than 1000 dental implants placed with the rehabilitation successful.
  • Minor in implant dentistry 2010, Miami University, USA.
  • More than 2 simposiums every year outside the country for professional update
  • Master in Oral Implantology, Go√ęthe Universit√§t Frankfurt, Germany


Dr. Isaac Mayorga, M.D.

Dr. Isaac Mayorga

Medical Doctor

  • Graduated of ELAM, Cuba. 2008
  • Medical Services Management 2010-2011
  • Family Medicine 2012-2013
  • 7 years of experience.

Mr. Olger Gonzalez, Customer Services

Mr. Olger Gonzalez

Customer Service Representative

  • 30 years of experience in Public relationships